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12-16 years


Many Cavoodle puppies are born with long, soft floppy ears and a compact, round face - giving the dog
an eternal puppy appearance. Variation amongst the litter is influenced by the genetic contribution of
each parent so some pups will appear more Poodle-like, others more like a Cavalier.

Colours can range from solid Red, Chocolate, Cappuccino, Black, Red with white, Black n Tan,
Tri-colour, and Blenheim (White with Cappuccino).

Toy Cavoodle Adults will range in height, between 26cm - 38cm from the shoulders to the ground,
and weighing between 4.5 - 8kgs.


So why choose this particular breed? The Cavalier is one of Australia's most popular purebreed dogs, and rightly so... Deliberately bred as a companion dog, it has an adorable temperament and is very gentle and compliant around children. The Toy/Miniature Poodle is another popular small breed and is known for its intelligence, playfulness and loyalty. Neither breed should exhibit any aggressive tendencies and as such should produce a very friendly and affectionate crossbreed. The Cavoodle is usually born with the following traits: Intelligence, gentleness, playfulness, with a loyal and loving personaity. Making the Cavoodle the Perfect Family dog for all.

Coat Maintenance:

Medium maintenance, coat is non-shedding, therefore clipping is necessary three to four times a year. Daily brushing is recommended.

Ideal owners:

This lovable little canine is suitable for all age groups and most lifestyles. Thanks to the influence from its parents, the Cavoodle is an intelligent dog, not as hyperactive as some other cross breeds and adores human companionship. Great for small homes with little or no yard, these dogs do not require alot of exercise but will definitely benefit from a regular walk or run in an open space.

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Tawoodle's Dedication

During the weaning process which starts from 4 weeks of age, puppies always eat well and grow nicely.

We always make sure your puppy is in peak health in every stage of his/her early puppy life.

We are dedicated in preparing your Cavoodle Puppy for his/her new family life, and toilet training on grass is part of the package.

We also give every new family a How to care for puppy information booklet. A step by step guideline that will help with puppy's total wellbeing. This is perfect for first time dog owners.

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Cavoodle Puppy   Cavoodle Puppy
Cavoodle Puppy   Cavoodle Puppy






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