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Sire: Chester
Dam: Molli
Sire ChesterSire Chester   Dam MolliDam Molli
Chester, a small chocolate toy poodle standing at only 26cm from his shoulders to the ground has a very gentle, obedient and sweet nature.

He is such a handsome, happy little dog with very loyal traits... he never leaves my side.

Chester has a full breed DNA clearance, there are no genetic diseases in his bloodlines... Certificate will be presented upon request.

Molli, a standard sized 1st gen cavoodle stands at 32cm from her shoulders to the ground. She is extremely intelligent and a beautifully natured, affectionate dog.

She also displays a happy, loving and playful disposition which will make her the perfect mum to offspring adorable fun loving toy cavoodle puppies with Chester.

Molli is also full breed DNA tested and cleared, there are no genetic diseases in her bloodlines... Certificate will be presented upon request.













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Tawoodle's Dedication

During the weaning process which starts from 4 weeks of age, puppies always eat well and grow nicely.

We always make sure your puppy is in peak health in every stage of his/her early puppy life.

We are dedicated in preparing your Cavoodle Puppy for his/her new family life, and toilet training on grass is part of the package.

We also give every new family a How to care for puppy information booklet. A step by step guideline that will help with puppy's total wellbeing. This is perfect for first time dog owners.

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Cavoodle Puppy   Cavoodle Puppy
Cavoodle Puppy   Cavoodle Puppy






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